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New direct bus station San Jose to Montezuma

  There is a brand new bus terminal, or terminal nuevo that offers a direct bus service from San Jose to Montezuma twice daily!   The new terminal is called the 7-10 terminal, terminal siete diez.  This is a quite modern 3+ story mall, which has lots of little shops and a food court.  I […]

Time to plan a wedding…

This is the last blog post I’ll be writing on site here in Montezuma for the next few months. Josh & I are flying back up to my home state of Montana in a week to take some time off and finish putting together all the details for our September 28 wedding! Course while back in […]

Transforming before your eyes

  A lot of the pictures I take here at the Mariposario don’t make it onto the blog but do get posted on our facebook. For those who check both I try not to double up on pictures and info too much but today’s series of facebook posts seemed too good not to share here […]

some more pretty butterflies

As I said in my last post, living here I have managed to amass over 6,00o pictures in my butterfly picture file alone. Of course, I reached a critical mass somewhere in there and realized I was going to have to break those pictures down into some smaller files. I knew a few of the […]

Snakes, mystery caterpillars and other exciting finds

    Living here is addicting. This sense that under any given leaf, in any tree, any tide pool, there probably is some new creature you’ve never seen before, that is intoxicating to me. Josh, my fiance, has been living here the better part of the last 10 years and yet still, at least weekly […]

Jungle Living

I have to constantly pinch myself while living here in Costa Rica. Am I really here? Is this really happening? It is, and I love it. Everything is surreal and you are constantly in perpetual motion. As soon as one project finishes the next appears.  It keeps you on your toes and it keeps you […]

Rio Lajas

Montezuma and the Southern Nicoya Peninsula is teaming with waterfalls. One of the least known, but truly amazing waterfall hikes, is Rio Lajas. Located just 5 km from Mariposario Montezuma Gardens on the road to Cabuya is where you will find this amazing river.  There is no designated trail to walk on so you have […]

In Costa, we carve watermelons for Halloween!

Welcome to Mariposario Montezuma Gardens, your Costa Rican Bed and Breakfast. Although Halloween is primarily a North American tradition it is catching on here in Costa Rica due to the high numbers of ex-pats and foreigners who have relocated to this amazing country. So in tradition, we always carve jack-o-lanterns here at the butterfly garden. […]

Getting Started

I did it. It was a day frought with technical challenge but Tyson came through as the champion middle son that he is and set me straight. Don’t ask me about widgets and plugins and let’s see if I can post a photo, but I’m letting the word out that I now have a blog. […]


“Well girl here we go!” To my Dad who made me believe there isn’t anything I can’t do, ..I’m a work in progress. To my sons who are the center of my life, ..Lets dream big. Why not us? To my family who have always enjoyed my ongoing adventures, ..guys this is a big one! […]

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