Links/Resources – Anamaya Celebrity Villa and Yoga Resort is a luxury yoga retreat located in the beautiful tropical town of Montezuma in Costa Rica. The elegant resort is perched atop a cliff affording panoramic views of the picturesque beaches, azure ocean and verdurous jungles. For romantic retreats, exotic getaways, lavish family vacations, daring ventures or inspirational solo escapades, Anamaya is simply the most exquisite destination in Montezuma. The resort offers supreme services which include yoga classes, luxurious spa treatments, gourmet meals, amazing accommodations, surf expeditions and adventurous tours to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa and a variety of unique retreat packages. – Airflow and Shade is a green and Eco-sustainability project created by Geoff McCabe, who lives in Montezuma, Costa Rica. In the last few years, Costa Rica has seen the emergence and growing popularity of sustainable construction, smart growth and green building. Airflow and Shade aims to develop and utilize environmentally friendly products and techniques in the tropics that will eventually lead to improvised, healthier and energy efficient lifestyles. Through this website, you can become the part of the sustainability movement and help to spread knowledge about the green construction in the tropics. Even though, it is just a beginning, the coming years will bring many green technologies and Airflow and Shade will be regarded as the core principle in the tropical green construction. – The website, Costa Rica Journeys, is a complete travel and tourism guide to Costa Rica. The website has detailed articles on hotels, hostels, yoga retreats, restaurants and bars, surf spots and camps, beaches, nature reserves, wildlife, museums, popular events and festivals, real estate and so much more. Whether you wish to know about a certain local attraction, visiting hours of some park or surf forecast, you will definitely be pleased with the results. From towns like Santa Teresa, Mal Pais and Montezuma on the Pacific to Limon and Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean, this site will be your absolutely best guide to the tropical country! – Santa Teresa, Mal Pais and their neighboring towns like Montezuma, are the epitome of tropical beauty. Boasting a sweeping range of silvery beaches, dense jungles flourishing with wildlife and a lovely ocean, Mal Pais and Santa Teresa are considered two of the best places to spend a lively, Pura Vida holiday. If you are planning to take a vacation to either of these towns, you will find a big help. Visit the site and readily learn about all the vacation rentals, hotels, yoga resorts, restaurants, nightlife, bars, activities and local attractions of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. – Scuba diving is quite a popular aquatic sport in Costa Rica. Anyone who has ever tried scuba diving will agree that it is one of the most incredible and unique experiences in life. Those of you who wish to explore the underwater world and its exotic creatures will find no better place than Costa Rica. is dedicated to offer you the best information about scuba diving in the tropical country. The website has all the information on dive companies, dive resorts, marine animals, scuba diving gear and best spots. Places like Montezuma, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Isla de Cano, Catalinas, Tortuga Island, Murcielago and Isla de Coco are considered few of the best destinations for scuba diving. – Costa Rica has a good number of remarkable yoga resorts and retreats. Be it the Caribbean Coast, the Pacific, Central Valley or the Northern Mountains, vacationers will be delighted to find all kinds of superb mediation platforms in every corner of the country. is a complete yoga guide with detailed information on retreat centers, studios, yogawear, meditation and yoga teacher training and yoga resorts of all sorts of budgets and vacationers. Their headquarters is located in the Montezuma and Mal Pais region of Costa Rica, in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. Visit, and learn a great deal on yoga in the tropical country. – An all-inclusive resort offers amazing amenities and additional services within a fixed price. The amenities are high end and considered luxurious. Guests are provided with three meals a day, drinks and beverages, accommodations and different kinds of activities. Costa Rica has become of the most visited holiday destinations due to its sublime beauty, serene ambiance and fun opportunities. If you are traveling to Costa Rica and looking for an all inclusive resort, is a perfect site to check out before leaving. It has reviews of all inclusive resorts and hotels in Costa Rica such as Shaka Beach Resort in Mal Pais and Santa Teresa, Food Lovers Retreats in Santa Teresa, Zumatours Montezuma in Montezuma and so many more. – Mariposas del Sol is a vacation rental villa in Montezuma, Costa Rica. The luxurious villa has recently become the part of a yoga and surf resort, Anamaya, which is also located in Montezuma. The beautiful house is owned by Geoff and Karen McCabe who welcome the guests warmly and ensure that they have a wonderful stay. The vacation rental features four kinds of unique lodging options which are temple rooms, charming bungalows, spacious upstairs suites and a private casita. Moreover, there is a large infinity edge swimming pool on the edge of the hill looking over the shimmering shorelines of the Pacific Ocean. Mariposas del Sol is nearby other famous beach towns such as Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Cabuya, and Tambor. – is an awesome guide to surfing in Mal Pais, Santa Teresa and other towns like Montezuma in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. The website delivers complete information on everything related to surfing! Learn all about the best breaks, secret surf spots, amazing surf camps and schools, wave forecasts, surf equipment and other aquatic activities in Santa Teresa, Mal Pais and Montezuma. also offers great information about yoga retreats and studios, different areas and beaches in the Nicoya Peninsula, parks and nature reserves, terrestrial and underwater wildlife, restaurants, and bars and so much more! – If you want a thorough knowledge of Montezuma, its surf spots and neighboring towns such as Mal Pais and Santa Teresa then is a perfect site to visit. is dedicated to provide wave worshipers and other vacationers all the information regarding surfing, surf camps, hotels, surf schools and shops, surf and yoga retreats, rental villas and additional activities in Montezuma, Map Pais and Santa Teresa. The website has a vast photo gallery featuring pictures of surfers, breaks, accommodations and panoramic views of Montezuma. Furthermore, the website has integrated a surf spot map for the convenience of guests.

Tortuga Island – Your vacation to Montezuma is not complete until you have visited Tortuga Island. The beautiful Tortuga Island is located on the tip of Nicoya Peninsula. The pretty isle is noted for its Caribbean like white sand beach, pristine shorelines, amazing wildlife and fabulous sport opportunities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, swimming, hiking up the mountain trails and wildlife tours are few of the most popular activities. If you are looking for a complete guide to Tortuga Island, companies and agencies that arrange tours to the island and information about its neighboring towns like Mal Pais and Santa Teresa, the website,, is simply great. – Pura Verde stands for Pure Green. Costa Rica is one of the few countries to have a good number of organizations working to protect the environment. In the recent years, the tropical country has seen a great change. Its forests are expanding, wildlife is flourishing and large areas are being dedicated to nature reserves. It has also seen the rise of alternative education schools, yoga retreats, retail stores with Eco-products and green realtors such as Montezuma Real Estate and Santa Teresa and Mal Pais Real Estate. helps you make good choices for the benefit of Costa Rica and the community. – Roatan is a tropical isle on the Caribbean noted for its exotic beaches, luscious jungles and diverse wildlife. Its panoramic beauty and adventurous opportunities entice and lure people from all over the world. Roatan is sandwiched between the islands of Útila and Guanaja, and is the largest island of Honduras’ Bay Islands. is a complete travel guide to Roatan and Honduras. The website has full length articles on Roatan and everything related to it. Learn all about West End, West Bay, Sandy Bay and French Harbor in just a few clicks. The website allows you to find out all the information on the best dive companies, bars and restaurants, resorts, hotels, vacation rentals, Eco-lodges, activities and national parks. – Santa Teresa is a tropical beach town in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. It features an incredible array of pristine beaches, a green clad cluster of hills, diverse flora and fauna and lush jungles. Santa Teresa is particularly famous for its surf breaks, scuba diving and snorkeling platforms, high end luxury resorts and villas, vacation rentals and a tourist friendly atmosphere. The town offers quick access to other wonderful places such as to Tortuga Island, Mal Pais, Montezuma and Cabuya. is travel guide for Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. It brings you all the information you need to know about the town. It has great maps, list of accommodations, surf camps, tour companies, restaurants and much more! – Tropisphere is a Real Estate business and vacation rental that sells and rents properties in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. It aims to offer properties created with sustainability and nature conservation real estate in mind. Tropisphere serves many towns in the region including Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, Montezuma, Manzanillo, Tambor and surrounding areas. Southern Nicoya Peninsula boasts some of the most beautiful attractions ranging from white sand beaches, pristine coasts to verdurous jungles and exotic wildlife. provides you a superb opportunity to buy or rent a property in the sublime peninsula. They offer many Eco friendly options from simple homes and farmhouses to lavish beachfront resorts and environmentally friendly villas.