Terminal 7 10There is a brand new bus terminal, or terminal nuevo that offers a direct bus service from San Jose to Montezuma twice daily!

7-10 directory


To the third floor!

The new terminal is called the 7-10 terminal, terminal siete diez.  This is a quite modern 3+ story mall, which has lots of little shops and a food court.  I did try the pastries, but not the coffee on the third floor, which is where the ticket office for the San Jose to Cobano to Montezuma bus is located:

Ticket counter Cobano MontezumaDirect bus to Montezuma



ATM at San Jose to Montezuma direct bus stationThere is also an ATM right around the corner from the ticket office on the third floor.  I didn’t use it, because I had the 7200 colones the ticket cost on hand.  As far as I know, there is no way to order tickets in advance, and it is first come first serve.  However, it is important to note that the ticket office is only open for the hours listed on the sign below:

Ticket office hoursSo if you are there between 6:30am and noon, you can go into the basement (sotano) and look for the shipments office (encomiendas) for the direct bus to Cobano (which is the same as the bus to Montezuma or Mal Pais/Santa Teresa) and buy your ticket for the afternoon departure there.  Otherwise they will be happy to sell you the ticket on the third floor before the bus leaves.  Then you can make your way all the way to the first floor, where there is a disembarkation area for all the buses that leave from the 7-10 terminal.  It can be a little bit confusing, because they will also refer to the bus as the Cobano bus.  Cobano is the main town in the center of the Peninsula that is the equivalent of the county seat, or municipality, that serves both the Montezuma, and the Santa Teresa areas.


Buy your direct bus ticket to Montezuma! Waiting area for direct bus to Montezma (cobano)