Me - Mariposario's guest blogger :)


Living here is addicting. This sense that under any given leaf, in any tree, any tide pool, there probably is some new creature you’ve never seen before, that is intoxicating to me.

Josh, my fiance, has been living here the better part of the last 10 years and yet still, at least weekly we see some little bug, bird or butterfly he’s never seen before.  In fact that just happened two days ago, in the form of a long skinny snake with a green head and bright red tongue! (It had decided to take a tour of our tool shed and caterpillar lab before finding a bush next to the butterfly garden to stretch itself out on like a hammock) Good stuff.

nature 2014 (30) nature 2014 (29) P1140903


los gusanos misteriosMy mini adventure today simply consisted of walking for 20 minutes alongside the dirt road in front of the B&B with our cook Perla. Perla and I love to look for mystery caterpillars which we try to raise.  She was walking back home after work and I offered to walk a little ways with her while I tried to find a host plant for one of the caterpillars we’re currently raising. Not only did I find the plant though, to my delight we found 3 more mystery caterpillars!

Honestly, just those three caterpillars would have been enough for me to declare this walk the best part of my day. But on the way back I got another thrill, coming upon this Coati passing through a clearing right next to the road!



Then as it passed out of my view I noticed two beautiful butterflies at my feet.



Its 20 minutes like that, packed with so many little discoveries that for me, makes this place intoxicating.