Butterfly Garden

April 2005: We began working with locals and Biologists to develop a sustainable environment to house and grow local neotropical butterfly species.

Thus we launched into the fascinating world of Lepidoptera, determined from the start to reproduce the famed blue morpho of Costa Rica. More than 2 years later after pointers form local biologists, lots of hard work, and approval from MINAE (Costa Rican Ministry of the Environment and Energy) we were delighted to open to the world our jungle-butterfly garden by the sea. On an average day, enjoy up to ten different butterfly species.

Unfortunately, when the borders closed due to COVID-19 in 2020, we had to close the butterfly garden as well. Currently, we are restarting the process getting the permits and the butterfly garden going, but we have exciting plans to use the re-opening to benefit the local community.

Please come back to our page as we post updates as to when the butterfly garden will be open to guests.