High Season: Montezuma is about nine and a half degrees north of the Equator. Our summer (high season) runs from the beginning of December through April. Summertime is paradise to the sun worshiper as there is little to negligible rainfall. It is the time when solar rays are intense, broad leaf trees shed their leaves (yet still flower), and the local howler monkeys keep close to the rivers. Roads are slightly easier to negotiate as the mud turns to dust, but not to worry, pot holes remain plentiful! In the high season the town is alive with visitors, and all the shops, restaurants, and tours are open.

crabGreen Season: May through November is our winter (green Season). The first welcoming rains come sometime in late April and are celebrated by hundreds of tajalines popping up in most unusual places. Progressively the climate becomes wetter but only slightly cooler and never cold! (Average temperature year round ranges 80’sF daytime and 70’sF at night.) June, July, and August are ideal. During these months you’re likely to experience hot sunny days with refreshing respites of heavy late afternoon showers. As September slides into October so come the torrential rains. This is the height of the green season, but still the days are mixed with intense sunny breaks and beautiful rainbows. Outrageous thunder storms become the norm and will definitely entertain with a spectacular extravaganza of light and sound. During the green season the flora and fauna thrive. The mixture of sun and rain transforms the dry woods jungle into unbelievably lush, dense, tropical greens. The tasty new greens prove an irresistible draw for the howler monkeys and mealtimes on our balcony are frequently shared alongside a family of Congos. While some restaurants and tours shut down for these latter months of winter, the green season offers lower prices, abandoned beaches, and more frequent animal sightings