This is tMe - Mariposario's guest blogger :)he last blog post I’ll be writing on site here in Montezuma for the next few months. Josh & I P1140729are flying back up to my home state of Montana in a week to take some time off and finish putting together all the details for our September 28 wedding! Course while back in resized josh and Ithe states I’ll also be catching up on all the pictures I’ve taken over the last 6 months – which will give me plenty of material to keep this blog going from afar 🙂 (Although, if I can talk them into it maybe I’ll have a few people at the B&B write a few guest posts for me too while I’m gone)


banded hawk moth resizedOur fantastic volunteer work stays will be keeping an eye on the mystery pupa’s that still haven’t emerged from all my mystery caterpillar projects. Hopefully they will even get a few pictures for me to post when they emepupation picture jpgrge. That huge green hawk moth caterpillar I showed you, is one they’ll be watching for me. It did successfully pupate as you can see here as well as this beautiful orange and brown pupa which came from another mystery caterpillar found by one of our neighbors. Unfortunately the yellow chrysalis I was excited about emerging, disappeared… we’re blaming it on a gecko we found hiding inside the pupa house. *sigh* Its hard trying to raise a creature that’s at the very bottom of the food chain! I read recently that butterflies lay on  50-100 eggs in their lifetime of which only 2-5 will make it to egg laying adults. Its a rather sad statistic but a good reminder not to be too crushed when one doesn’t make it and to really rejoice over the miracle it is when a single caterpillar does make it to a butterfly.

morpho chrysalis resizedOh and an update from the last post… that green caterpillar (a morpho) that I said was about to pupate is now a chrysalis!  Although I’m afraid I’m going to miss its moment of emerging too! Still, just because I hate to end without a butterfly picture… here’s  a few of the blue morpho’s that have emerged in our garden lately

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