What to Bring

peopleClothing: No matter what time of year you come to visit, light weight clothes are all you will need in Montezuma. The dress code is very casual. Think about the activities you want to participate in and pack accordingly. You can get by with a couple of changes of tops and bottoms, a bathing suit and a beach towel. (Remember we have laundry service.) While most people sport beach attire nearly all the time, we do recommend at least one pair of light weight long pants and a long sleeved shirt. If you are at all sensitive to sun and/or insects you’ll be happy for the extra protection. Don’t forget a hat or bandana to safeguard your head from the sun, and of course sun glasses with a good UV filter. If you come in the green season pack a lightweight poncho and maybe an umbrella. The rain isn’t cold, but if caught in a shower things do get mighty wet. While evening attire remains casual, some people like to “step out” in style. (Note: Spending time in San Jose? At times the capital city is quite cool, especially at night. A lightweight jacket and/or jeans can be a welcome relief.)

Shoes: While many locals wear nothing but flip-flops year round, we strongly recommend light weight hiking shoes and sandals with good tread and heel straps. The terrain is challenging with steep hills and rocky riverbeds. We’ve seen too many injuries all stemming from the wrong kinds of shoes. Flip-flops, while great for the sandy beaches, really aren’t practical for hikes and tours.

Sunscreen/Insect Repellent: This close to the equator the sun is very direct, especially during the hot hours of the day between 10am and 2pm. (Siesta anyone?) So bring your favorite waterproof sunscreen and don’t skimp on the SPF. Don’t worry if you run out. You can replenish your supplies in town. Also bring the insect repellent of your choice. Some people prefer DEET products, while others are fond of herbal remedies such as citronella. Herbal repellents can also be purchased in town at our Saturday open market. In addition, local lore claims a diet rich in limes will keep the mosquitoes away. On a final note, I’ve read that Avon’s “Skin So Soft” is a great product to ward off any pesky “no-see-um”.

Photographic Equipment: If you are into photography and/or videography you are going to want your cameras and cam corders. If you are still shooting film bring it with you. Film is difficult to find and expensive. Digital tapes are cheaper at home as well.