sunset 1Well, its Sunday and it is the first day it isn’t raining in well, the last week or so. Still it is very overcast and threatening to dump buckets at any second. So I thought it would be nice to talk about the times when it isn’t raining. We have some of the most amazing sunsets here in Montezuma. And when we are lucky, they are followed by the most amazing moon rises over the Pacific Ocean. Just a short 25 minute drive from here and you are on the other side of the Nicoya Peninsula where Santa Theresa and Mal Pais are located. Some of the funnest things to do here is spend the day in Santa Theresa and enjoy the sunset. On a clear day the sun falls, melting into the ocean and at just the moment it is about to disappear, if you are lucky, you will see a green flash. Now this doesn’t happen all of the time but it does happen and it is amazing. The picture that you see here was taken by a good friend of mine on his way to the Nicoya Peninsula while on the ferry to Paquera. If you are lucky enough to be arriving in the evening(which most people do) try to catch the 5 pm ferry. Here you will see the amazing sunset over the mountains of the Nicoya Peninsula. It makes the ferry ride just that much more enjoyable. Pura Vida!