Me - Mariposario's guest blogger :)Hi! This is Pauline.  I am the fiance of one of the brother’s who owns the family business, Montezuma Gardens.  I   actually met Josh as a guest here at the bed and breakfast 6 years ago.  But after years of long distance dating between Montana and Costa Rica, I’m no longer here staying as a guest. As of 4 months ago I have finally moved down permanently to be with Josh and am helping run the business. My passions are photography, Spanish, dancing… and whatever new thing I’m getting excited and interested in down here at the moment!

This blog will be heavy on pictures with some written explanation of the story behind them as needed! My hope is to give you visual windows into life down here – from the wildlife and scenery around us to the fantastic people you’d get to meet here at the bed and breakfast if you ever come and stay with us! Already in my first 4 months there’s been so much happening around here…. solar panels in the process of getting installed, mystery caterpillars being raised in the butterfly lab, renovating the kitchen, putting up a shade house, planting the organic garden, exciting wildlife sightings and fun daytrips… so much that it finally convinced me there will be more than enough to keep this blog well supplied with plenty of material. Hope you enjoy and remember you’re always welcome to come check it out for yourself!