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Butterfly Garden

April 2005: We began working with locals and Biologists to develop a sustainable environment to house and grow local neotropical butterfly species.

Thus we launched into the fascinating world of lepidoptera, determined from the start to reproduce the famed blue morpho of Costa Rica. More than 2 years later after pointers form local biologists, lots of hard work, and approval from MINAE (Costa Rican Ministry of the Environment and Energy) we are delighted to open to the world our jungle-butterfly garden by the sea. On an average day, enjoy up to ten different butterfly species.

Our gardens are lush, tropical and peaceful. Go crazy with the macro lens, oil paint or water color, relax, ponder nature, enjoy!

Open Daily 8am to 4pm. Guided tours available.
B&B guests visit for free.

Stay, enjoy pura vida!

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