Welcome to Mariposario Montezuma Gardens, your Costa Rican bed and breakfast. Come visit our hill-top  jungle-butterfly-garden by the sea. Once you arrive, your concept of time will vanish!

Having traveled 6 continents and numerous countries between us, we know first hand what a bonus it is to be safe in an environment with all thecomforts of home, great food, a cheery clean room, AC, hot showers, and a respite from the business of negotiating in a foreign country.

We invite you to come stay with us. Let our bed and breakfast become your home away from home. We guarantee you will quickly forget what day it is and we predict that you will leave here happy, relaxed, and wanting to return to El Mariposario Montezuma Gardens.


If you need more input, or have your own ideas, let us know, and we will be the gateway to your
Costa Rican Dream Vacation.

¡Pura Vida!