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Hare Krishna

Our offering of our food to hare...

Our offering of our food to hare…

Its been a long time since my last entry and today seemed like a good day to stop and reflect because today was my first Hare Krishna meal!  As many roads cross here at the Mariposario it always seems to bring together an eclectic mix of people and energy.  Although it wasn’t much different than any other meal I have had, we did pay homage to Hare by sacrificing the first portion of each food for him to eat on his little made altar. Hare received a portion of Rice, Dahl, curried cauliflower, broccoli and Pumpkin Soup(made by yours truly). Then after he received his fill, we were able to all sit down and eat. After this ritual the monks considered the sacrificed hare food to be very blessed and will often fight over that portion. We didn’t have any monks present so we didn’t see any fighting. I liked the food so much I had two helpings! Thank you to Roger for bringing us all together on this Sunday afternoon here at the butterfly garden.


Stay, enjoy pura vida!

Pura Vida!

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